Benefiting from a vast local and international network, the mission of Dybaw Advisory SA is to advise and assist customers in full transparency and independence with the unique goal to create value.

As experts in Investment, Impact Investing and technologies, we team-up with best in class partners to deliver cutting-edge services to our Customers.

Based in Switzerland, Dybaw Advisory provides innovative services to Venture Capital, Private Equity funds and to the Foundations & NGOs sector. Our company strives to be at the leading edge of innovation and best practices to provide state of the art services to our customers.

As entrepreneurs, investors and Board members, our leadership team naturally nurtures a culture of innovation bred of creativity, leadership, accountability and trust.

Dybaw Advisory blockchain

Where it all started

Dybaw Advisory is the story of four founding partners.

Based in Switzerland, Dybaw has grown its roots into the values the country itself is best known for: leadership in business, research and innovation, finance and sustainability.

Today, Dybaw supports leading Venture Capital funds, Family Offices & Foundations in their journey. From the ideation to strategy and implementation and exit. We seek powerful, bold ideas that are based on solid, proven approach in our changing world.

As former entrepreneurs, industry professionals and mentors we naturally nurture a culture of innovation bred of creativity, leadership, accountability and trust.

Our Values

  • Adhere to highest professional and ethical standards
  • Inspire creativity and innovation, we believe in the world of the possible
  • Put practicality and pragmatism first, then the hype and the cool
  • Seek positive outcomes and impact for our customers, the society and our planet.