We offer innovative service to customers willing to leverage the blockchain potential for their business

Our blockchain services

Blockchain Strategy
How can your business benefit from the Blockchain?
Get the right business case, blockchain-based Business model and strategy.
Transition from current to future state
Blockchain Implementation
Blockchain turnkey solutions
Integration of IoT
Technology stack design and integration to legacy systems
Change Management
Transform your organization beyond blockchain pilot.
Realize benefits across several departments and the value chain.
Run blockchain-based operations with support.

Our Sectors in focus

Supply chain & logistics
Financial Services & Insurance
Smart Government

Blockchain in practice: protecting your business from corruption

Do you have the right Blockchain Strategy?

We work on clear and actionable blockchain business cases and roadmap. Every business is unique – this is the first things to consider. Envisioned technologies applications have to meet business objectives. Still as of today, too many initiatives fail or do not meet objectives because the business case is not identified correctly at start.

What we do
Blockchain for business education: Why & how to be exposed to the new opportunity in safe and less risky way.
Building your Blockchain business cases
Design a future state enabled by blockchain and how participants exchange value in new transactions
Control the impact on your organization
Deployment Roadmap

From business case to working solution

We support from the Proof-of-concept to full implementation and management of the scale up.

We take care of  the technology stack, including enterprise integration. Our approach leverages other technologies and user interfaces such as web and mobile as needed.

What we do
Business solutions based on blockchain
Integration with IoT and the enterprise
Pilot & Implementation
Blockchain advisory

From prototype to Blockchain transformation

We combine our own expertise with world-class engineering partners or software vendors to provide a comprehensive approach to business problems and digital transformation.

Additionally, we offer operations support, focused on either business process operations or technology.

What we do
Implement at Full-scale
Secure stakeholder buy-in and change
Supervise and provide support

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