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With the pressure on healthcare costs and outcomes, the increasing and ageing populations, Healthtech remains a key factor to bring the improvement that today’s complex healthcare is striving for. In both developed and underdeveloped parts of the world, healthcare efficiency is a key societal driver. Sector dynamics are unique:

  • consumerization of health in the recent years has been driving patients’ expectations to record highs.
  • providers have been struggling with digital transformations, while at the same time evolving in an increasing competitive environment and balanced budgets
  • Payers have been and will keep pressurizing on prices and demanding a more cost efficient care.

Healthtech Impact Investing


  • Blockchain: offers the opportunity to rethink supply chain, the exchange of medical data in health record, the management and integration of medical data for research, insights and improvement of outcomes.
  • Digital Health: Digitalization of health remains they key driver for enhanced business models (pay for performance or outcome-based, public-private) and care services (needs based, telecare). Both emerging and semi-mature technologies can improve healthcare accessibility, delivery and accountability: device platforms, analytics and insights, interoperability and service ecosystems.
  • MedTech: Medical Technologies, today more than even, combine the best from multiple science domains to create superior value for patients, providers and payers.
  • FoodTech: New technologies for quality, precision food, functional food having an impact on people’s lives

Impact Topics

  • Pay for performance
  • Health and wellness data and insights
  • Community health initiatives and service chains
  • Awareness and education

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