Build relevant investment portfolios in disruptive tech

Dybaw provides investment advisory services built upon expertise, network and capabilities.

Investment Opportunity Sourcing

investment disruptive Tech

According to the risk appetite and market trends, we help customers to build and execute a dedicated investment strategy in our industry sectors of expertise.

We believe a key success factor in Private Equity is driven by effectiveness and relevance of deal sourcing, its quality and exclusivity.

Investment Strategy definition
Identifications and sourcing of opportunities
Focus on agriculture, financial services and healthcare
Disruptive technologies, blockchain, AI, etc …

Assessment & Due Diligence

We provide investors with the assurance their decisions are backed with deep industry knowledge, understanding of the opportunity, and options moving forward.

We support with an independent, unbiased technical and business review to help you make the right choices.

For technology ventures in agtech, fintech, Healthtech and smart cities
Impact investing friendly, with dedicated methodology for assessing the impact and relevance of new ventures

Development to Exit

To realize the potential of your private equity investments, making sound decisions requires particular domain knowledge and skillful execution. In private equity, investors need expert advisors when making strategic decisions, preparing and executing their exits.

Exit optimization: 70% of funds fail to prepare on time because they fear damaging the business. We help to design a value-creation roadmap, anticipate disruptive trends and spend enough time on exit preparation.

Support companies in the value creation roadmap
Seek value development and impact enhancement avenues
Prepare to execute responsible and profitable exits

Impact Investing Topics

For Startups