Want your business to collaborate with a cutting edge technology business advisory firm from Switzerland?

We constantly look for quality partnerships to extend our offer, relevance and market reach. If you feel we can together contribute to the development of exciting new opportunities enabled by technology, investment and new business vision, please contact us.

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Please DO NOT contact us if you are an advertiser, online marketing agency or other paid-for services firm. Thank you.

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Partnership with solution providers

We seek high quality, production-grade blockchain or smart tech software vendors/solution providers to complement our professional services. We offer:

  • pre-sale services
  • deployment services
  • change management and customer succes

Partnership with consulting firms

We also seek to collaborate with reputed consulting firms to provide outstanding customer value. Please contact us if you are present in EMEA region and meet the following criteria:

  • you seek to expand your offer to the blockchain and/or crypto space
  • … or alternatively you seek to get access to early stages of innovation and want to benefit from network (Switzerland-centric), expertise and capabilities to run innovation workshops
  • you have an established customer base